Our milestones

  • Established

  • The first communication agency joined smoke-free campaign and in charge of developing journalist network for tobacco control communication in Vietnam.

  • Developing a network of journalists for Physical Activity for the Prevention and Treatment Project (funded by SIDA). The journalists were trained and certificated.

  • Communication agency for Vietnam’s first smoke-free lawy

    Committed to being a communication agency for Vietnam’s first smoke-free law enacted by the National Assembly.

  • Contracted as communication and public relations consultant for Multilateral Trade and Investment Assistance Project (funded by the European Union)

  • Leading Active Kids Do Better Program to influence education sector agencies to increase physical activity for primary school children.

  • Testimonial campaign in tobacco control in Vietnam

    Designing and running the first-ever testimonial campaign in tobacco control in Vietnam, a joint campaign of Vital Strategies and Vietnam Women’s Union. The campaign portrayed Mrs Nguyen Thi Huong, a lung cancer patient, as one of millions of secondhand smoking victims.

    “Women create smoke-free homes” was also presented at 17th World Conference on Tobacco or Health with Danson team members listed as authors.

  • Active With Sports - NIKE Vietnam

    Partnership with NIKE Vietnam to implement Active With Sports for primary school children in Hanoi which forms an evidence-based approach for the long-term initiative to enhance Physical Education classes at national level.