Media exposure and social media engagement

Maintaining visibility is a consistent goal among communications professionals of any organization. Securing media spots can be a challenge, but they are necessary to help your brand resonate with target audiences. Ensuring your brand stay in the spotlight can mean the difference in whether or not you meet performance goals each year.

Social media has essentially creating a public forum for communication between the organizations and all of their target audiences. Social media enagagement is a measurement of how effectively a business/organization is creating interactions with its audience in the social stream. It offers social proof of your business, expands your marketing reach and boosts brand awareness.

Media approaches

We have been supporting our clients and partners coordinating media opportunities to keep their brands and activities relevant and in the news. Effective strategies are employed to turn the media spotlight toward our clients and partners’ brands:

  • Actively engaging the area’s experts as they play a key role in positioning the brands. We research emerging news trends and proactively pitch our experts to selective national reporters and publish thought leadership columns and editorials.
  • Updating and utilizing digital presence to position the brand as a thought leader. Content should be frequently fresh on both website and social media.
  • Offering more than one perspective by addressing the reporters more than the topic assigned by the editors. Writers and reporters can be nourished with intrinsic and valuable knowledge about the technical areas while building their stories.
  • Focusing on our clients’ CSR initiatives by acknowledging in bold and outspoken stories about the good and stability they do for the communities.
  • Exercising a dynamic PR strategy to create more media opportunities.
  • Training the spokespeople on a “being selective” orientation.
  • Making the media reporters’ job easier by creating friendly content such as helpful infographics and the spin of the story via social media.


Those strategies are conducted through the following Danson services:

  • Media relations
  • Strategic planning
  • Press conference
  • Campaign designing and implementing
  • “Working with the media” intensive training
  • Communication materials developing