Sample work

In 2014, Danson took the responsibility of The Consultant for the establishment and development of an information module and an online information portal about Climate Change in Nam Dinh Province. This activity is supported, monitored and approved by the Vietnam Forests and Deltas Program.

A concept of Climate Change Information Center (CCIC) was developed as a friendly and effective approach to improve awareness and knowledge of local managers, technical executives and residents on climate change. The CCIC would serve as a long-term and systematic method to gather and record climate change documents.  The CCIC pilot models would be established at available and suitable spaces, such as local libraries, culture houses and schools. These locations would assure effective interaction with target groups of the project.

Based on the study, survey, analysis and assessment in Nam Dinh City, Giao Thuy District, Hai Hau District, Nghia Hung District with target groups including local managers, technical executives, residents and children, The Consultant – Danson Corp. affirmed that pilot CCIC establishment and development in Nam Dinh Province is necessary and suitable for local information demand, especially with a current lack of official, scientific, flexible and friendly information suppliers in the area. The obtained results also indicated a feasibility for CCIC model development based on agreements from most officials and residents.