Sample work

ENGAGING THE PUBLIC AND POTENTIAL APPLICANTS IN VEF’S PROGRAMS AND SCHOLARSHIPS The Vietnam Education Foundation (VEF) is an independent U.S. Federal Government agency created by the U.S. Congress. The mission of VEF is to strengthen the U.S.-Vietnam bilateral relationship through educational exchanges in the STEMM fields. VEF annually organizes interviews to identify and award scholarships to talented students of Vietnam to study in the USA. Danson developed publicity plans and organized press conferences for Vietnam Education Foundation on the event of Interview Mission August 2009, 2010; particularly including:

VEF (7)

  • Developing and executing a successful PR plan;
  • Ensuring the attendance of the country’s key media outlets to the press conference;
  • Releasing news, feature articles;
  • Coordinating fruitful interviews between VEF spoke-people and local long-leading newspapers;
  • Organizing talk-show at national TV station study