In order to generate supports for the promulgation and implementation of the Tobacco Control Law in Vietnam, since 2009, Danson has played a strategic role of a communication consultant for the long- running project “A Smoke-free Vietnam”,sponsored by the Vital Strategies (formerly known as the World Lung Foundation). Each phase of the project has seen the Consultant working closely with local authorities such as the Ministry of Health, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and the Vietnam Women’s Union in order to broaden the impacts on the general public. Apart from comprehensive communication packages ranging from public relations services to media productions, Danson has brought the project to nation-wide attention using technologically advanced methods, by developing a community of Tobacco Control Law supporters on social media at since 2013; and an official information portal -

The success of Danson-involved projects have been proven over the years, particularly with more than 6,000 SMS texts supporting the introduction of the Tobacco Control Law in 2012; the “For a smoke-free life” creative contest in 2014; and the “Women make smoke-free homes” campaign from 2015-2016. In 2017, Danson continues to be a strategic communications partner of the Vital Strategies in the fight against tobacco harms in Vietnam.